5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get Promoted

It’s not fun to watch your peers get promoted while you stay stuck in the same job. It’s also not fun to do the same job and earn the same paycheck for 10 years or more. Unfortunately, most people find themselves in that exact situation.

If you went to college and then got a white collar job, chances are that you’re looking to get ahead of the pack. You have dreams of becoming a manager, director, or executive some day. But if you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself stuck doing exactly what you are currently doing five or ten years from now. In this fast changing business world where more and more jobs are being outsourced every day, that is a disastrous place to be.

It’s dangerous to play it safe in your career. Here are the top five reasons you won’t get promoted.

  1. You don’t want it bad enough
    Do you want to be promoted? What are you doing about it?Employees do not have a right to be promoted; it is a reward for hard work and commitment. How many people do you know that think they deserve to keep their job or be promoted because of the number of years they have been in a job? If that idea rings true for you, it’s time to change your attitude.
  2. You aren’t improving yourself
    Education, certification and experience are all key steps in climbing the corporate ladder. As an individual, you are your own brand, and developing a skill set is an important part of the product you offer. If you are not working to improve yourself each day, moth and year, then you will be stuck in the same job forever.
  3. You are not an expert in your industry
    Knowing all there is to know about your business means that you understand your industry, competitors, and product inside and out.To reach a point of expertise, do things like research everything you hear but don’t know about or understand. Read magazines or blogs related to your field. Seek out and learn as much information as you can, so that when the boss asks your opinion on an issue, you can give an informed and educated response rather than I don’t know.
  4. You only focus on daily tasks
    The old philosophy that working as hard as you can at doing what your boss tells you so (s)he will think you are a good worker and give you a raise or promotion is dead.Everyone is replaceable. If you want to want your boss to notice you, you obviously need to complete your work on time and as expected, but you also need to create value for the company by thinking out of the box and improving processes, systems, and strategies.
  5. You haven’t asked
    You need a track record that demonstrates that you are a valuable employee by consistently performing at the level to which you want to be promoted. But here’s the kicker: if you never ask, chances are, your manager will never promote you. Not all bosses see your promotion as their priority, so you need to put it on their radar by asking. What does asking look like?There are many opportunities to make your desire known. When you meet with your manager for a one-on-one, find ways to express your goal of being promoted to the next level. You can talk about the things you are currently doing to improve the business, or how you have already improved it, and make a strong case for yourself. When the time comes, you need to be bold. Tell your manager flat out tell what you want. If you have clear and well thought out examples to give for why you deserve a promotion, your boss will respect you and give you a straight answer about the possibility. Use your boss’s feedback to develop a plan to climb the ladder.

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