How To Get A Raise At Work

Getting a raise is a great way to increase your income, and you don’t have to get promoted to get a raise.  Increasing your salary compounding effect because your annual raise will be computed off of your salary.  If you leave your job chances are you will use your current salary to negotiate at your new company.  Bonuses and 401k match programs are also often based off of your salary.  Getting a raise has a big impact on your monthly paycheck and increases your lifetime income so that you’ll have more money in retirement.

It’s possible to get a annual raise even if your boss doesn’t like you.  Today we are talking about how to get a unscheduled performance based raise.  Some companies may only do performance based raises annually but these principles will still apply.

Use these tips to increase your salary at work.

Prove yourself trustworthy

Before your boss will even consider giving you more money you have to be someone that the company can count on.  For starters, you need to do the basics well.  Show up on time, work diligently and be honest.  When your manager gives you a task they need to know that it will be done completely and on time.  They also want to know that you understand the businesses and provide a high level of expertise.

Demonstrate your value

  • Be creative: Find ways to improve processes and standards.  When you use an inefficient process to complete a task identify it’s weaknesses and suggest improvements.  If its within your power to make the change without asking permission then take initiative and help create positive change.  If you do you will demonstrate leadership and value to your manager.
  • Help the company: Hopefully you are aware of your companies goals and you have been given clear direction from you manager.  That is not always the case.  Either way, take initiative, don’t wait for your manager to tell you to do something.  Be a self starter.  Find work or projects to work on that will improve the business.
  • Help your coworkers succeed: Another great way to demonstrate your value at work is to help your coworkers be successful.  A few positive things happen when you do this.  First, your bosses job gets easier because you shield him/her from unwanted questions and problems.  Second, more work gets done and you learn from your interactions with your coworkers.  Lastly you build a reputation as a expert and reliable source.  Those are all positive factors when you go to ask for a raise at work.
  • Help your boss succeed: Have you ever asked your boss if they need any help?  You’ll be amazed at the response you get.  Be prepared for them to say yes and give you more work to do but also be prepared for them to be impressed.  Help your boss succeed by being supportive and aware of their goals.  Ask how you can help them.

Ask For A Raise

Now that you have proven you are trustworthy and you have demonstrated value you are in a position to ask for a raise.  If you haven’t been doing those things for at least 6 months then be patient and put in your time.

Asking is the key to getting a raise.  So many people don’t get  a raise because they don’t ask.  If you don’t ask then your employer will be happy to continue paying you the same amount year after year.  If you want something, you have to ask for it.

Start by schedule a meeting with your manager.  Explain why you deserve a raise and make a case for your value to the company.  You shouldn’t have any problem making a case for your value to the company if you’ve done the things we outline above.  Don’t be afraid, ask for a raise.  It’s important to be specific but reasonable.

Plan out exactly what you are going to say and how much of a raise you are going to ask for.  Be prepared to negotiate your salary. If you don’t get the answer you are looking for then make sure you ask when you can discuss the raise again.  You may even need to ask what else you can do around the office to increase your pay.

You just have to ask.