How Stress Costs You Money Every Day

It may seem strange to think that stress could cost you money, but it does. Now, think about the kind of stress you might be feeling if money is a main source of stress for you. Understanding the ways that stress could cost you money is important if you want to make changes to ease anxiety and get back on to firmer financial footing. Here is a look at some of the connections between stress and money:

Shopping Therapy Feeds The Problem

One of very real impacts that stress can have on your pocketbook is through shopping therapy. It is common for people, when they feel stressed, to engage in some sort of activity that can help them take their mind off what is going on. Shopping can be one way to do this. Many people feel temporarily better after going on a shopping spree. Unfortunately, once the initial high wears off, you are still stressed “ and you have less money.

It may not be shopping, though. I like to drive around and listen to music. Other people choose to go out to eat a special treat, or go to the movies for some escape. Whatever your preferred method of dealing with stress, it can start to get expensive. Instead of rushing out to spend money, consider some more natural ways to deal with stress, such as stretching, meditating, or just taking time to relax at home.

Health Costs of Stress Both Physical and Mental

A less obvious cost associated with stress has to do with your health. There are a number of studies that indicate that stress can lead to weight gain, as well as contribute to heart disease. Stress and anxiety can even lead to stroke. This means that you might end up paying for an expensive medical condition due to the stress you feel.

Your emotional health can also be impacted by stress. Relationships can become strained, and that can lead to other expenses, including those associated with divorce. While a few days of stress probably won’t ruin your marriage and give you a heart attack, a history of stress, and a stress habit, can create a situation that is costly in more ways than one.

Money Related Stress Can Be Overwhelming

If part of your stress is related to your financial situation, there are some things you can do to improve matters:

  1. Look for ways to live frugally: You can find ways to live frugally, cutting your expenses so that you don’t have to be as concerned about money. You can even feel richer without earning more money, just by adjusting your perspective. Focusing on what you have, and considering your blessings, can help relieve your stress.
  2. Find ways to earn more money: You can also relieve some of your money related stress by looking for ways to earn more money. Develop alternative income streams, and eventually you will have cash flow that can help you worry less about money, and improve your financial situation at the same time.

Stress can be costly to you pocketbook, and costly in other areas of your life. Make an effort to reduce your stress level, and find ways to improve your financial situation in order to reduce anxiety about money.