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At Washington Accord, we believe in personalized service. It is how we have separated ourselves from the other financial institutions. For this reason we turned to and partnered up with the best company in the industry which also had our high standards of integrity, knowledge and advising our customers down a path which was best for them both short term and long term.

DRB Capital is such a company and their team of experts passed all of our rigorous tests in terms of customer service, knowledge, timeliness, and the offer amount. They have zero hidden fees and their fees are the lowest of all the major and mid-major companies we tested. Tell them you came from a referral from Washington Accord and they will give you priority service. It is what we demanded for our customers who have trusted us so much over the years.

Looking to Get Cash for Your Annuity Payments?


Make sure this is the right decision for your financial situation today, and in the future.


Get in touch with us to get a RISK FREE estimate on the details of your annuity.


We take care of the complex paperwork, get you approved and handle all the legal details so you don't have to deal with any added stress.


Once the transaction has been approved, you will have access to your funds. It's that easy.

Here are five easy ways to sell annuity payments without using a financial advisor and going straight to the source for the most cash right now while understanding every piece of risk and benefit before you agree.

  1. how to sell settlement paymentsUnderstanding Where You Are Right Now and Where You Want To Go: Most people hate to answer this question, but you MUST know it before you make ANY financial decision when it comes to selling your annuity for cash. Check your financial accounts, and that means ALL of them. Do not include your investment accounts, only savings and checking. The financial accounts that if you had to withdrawal all of your cash out of the accounts today you could. This is your REAL number of where you are financially. If this number is LESS than your living expenses for three months, selling your annuity, or a portion of it, might be a very good idea. Especially if you are feeling financial stress in your life.
  2. Are you stressed and do you need income immediately: This goes hand-in-hand with the first question which was asked. Maybe you have come up against high medical bills, unexpected home repairs, or you’ve been out of work for a longer period than you expected. Life tends to throw curve balls at you from time to time, but you should focus on being thankful you have the annuity to help you through this difficult period of your life. This way of looking at things can help reduce your stress and you can better focus on your future.
  3. Do you have enough assets to get you through retirement: Do you have solid equity in your home? Do you have a solid investment portfolio? Do you have other assets of solid worth? This isn’t about just getting through the current financial crisis, this is also about protecting your financial future as well. If you don’t have any assets of worth and you have little to no equity in your home, you might want to rethink your strategy. Instead of selling your entire annuity, you might only want to sell a small portion of your annuity instead.

When it comes to getting the most out of your annuity, DRB Capital has experts that can walk you through each step to get the money you need right now, while protecting your long-term finances. Also, the person that is assigned to your case stays with you until you get approval. That means you won't be handled off to a different person with each step. We know, there is nothing more frustrating than having to repeat yourself all over again to a new person over your account. You will never have that happen to you with DRB Capital.

Did you know you can sell your pension for cash? Take a deep breath and know that our experts are there when you cry out "Sell My Annuity Payment!"

If you have an Allstate structured settlement, our staff is HIGHLY knowledgable on how to get the most from structured settlement.

Who will buy my annuity for the most cash?

You may have been receiving annuity for a long period of time due to different reasons. Whether it is because of you were named the beneficiary of a deceased person or you purchased the annuity yourself, you have options. If you might be feeling like you aren’t making the most of your annuity and you might prefer a lump sum right now. In this case, you might want to sell your annuity.

Why Should I sell my annuity early?

  • Investing In a Home of Your Own or an Investment Property
    Real estate is not cheap place and to get that place of your dreams you will have to spend money. Waiting for 15 years for your annuity to add up does not seem like a reasonable option. By selling your annuity, you’ll be able to use the lump sum to make a down-payment of your new house. You can even use your annuity to revamp your current house.
  • Funding a College Education For You or For Your Children
    College tuition is getting more and more expensive, and you might have been hearing stories about how people spend decades after college getting rid of their college debt. A lump sum will ensure that the life after college will not be swamped with debts.
  • Getting rid of your debt to lower your stress
    You can use this lump sum to pay off credit card debts, student loans or any other debts that you’ve been delaying.
  • Starting / investing in a business or your own business
    Use your lump sum to invest in a business which you believe in. The sum could work as the necessary factor that jumpstarts your venture and gives it that extra push. You can use it to grow your existing business as well.
  • Covering Overdue Medical Expenses
    Medical treatments can cost a lot and sometimes, your health insurance might not cover up the entire treatment. Especially for medical treatments that last a long period of time, where the hospital requires you to regularly deposit money, a lump sum might be extremely beneficial.
  • Purchase a much needed vehicle for your family
    Everything becomes simpler once you can pay for it straight up instead of paying it over the course of several years while watching the interests surge every time you pay. Use the lump of sum from your annuity to buy yourself or your family a new vehicle. This way it is stress free and there is no fussing about car loans several years down the road.
  • Simplify your divorce process and reduce drama
    You can even use the lump sum to help you through this financially draining process and find the best legal settlement. 

How Selling Your Annuity Works

After you decide how much money you require, you should begin the process of selling all or some of your annuity.

Assemble the Necessary Paperwork to Sell Your Annuity Quickly
You should gather any paperwork related to your annuity. Your buyer can also obtain copies of any information that you may not have at the moment.

selling a structured settlement legally

Get an Estimate On The Worth Of Your Annuity
After deciding on the amount of money you need, contact an annuity buyer to get an estimate of the worth of your annuity. If you are just selling a portion of it, you can find out how many payments you need to sell in order to get the dollar amount you need. Your buyer can also help you sort out any confusion you have with the due dates of your annuity payments or the amount you receive.

selling my structured settlement today

Evaluate and (if you are satisfied) Accept the Offer
Carefully look at the offer put forward by the buyer. If you are not satisfied, you can ask them for a revised quote on selling less or more of your annuity payments. But if you are satisfied, notify your buyer about your acceptance.

selling my structured settlement today

Sign and Return the Agreement To Buy Your Annuity
You will have to review the documents sent by the buyer carefully, sign them and return them to the buyer.

tips on selling your structured settlement

Buyer of Annuity Obtains Court Order
This next step is completely dealt by the buyer. Depending on the state that you live in, the buyer of your annuity will correspond with the state court to get an order from the judge. The judge will then reassign the legal right of those annuity payments you wanted to sell from you to the buyer.

selling a structured settlement legally

Buyer Sends You a Wire / Check
After the judge approves of the court order, it is sent to the insurance company that previously issued your annuity. The insurance company is directed to send the payments to the buyer instead of you (as per the offer). As soon as the issuer of the annuity confirms that they’ve received the order, the buyer will send you your lump sum. They can do this either through a check or via a wire transfer.

how to sell settlement payments

After your annuity sale is complete, you can use the lump sum on anything that you want.

What You Should Know - Top Questions Answered

"What happens to my annuity or structured settlement when I die?"
There are many annuities (which is what a structured settlement is) end completely upon the death of the annuity holder. Often, this is in the fine print and if you are receiving the settlement based on a personal injury. If this injury has affected your long-time health, your surviving spouse, children or relatives may not receive the complete payments.

If you had good representation, your annuity should be protected in the event of your death to allow the payments to continue and be given to your stated beneficiaries. If you are unsure, you can check your policy and look for the phrase "guarantee period" or "period certain."

Another phrase to look for is a "communication rider." This refers that if the policy holder should die, a discounted lump sum will be paid to the policy holder's beneficiaries. This would be in place of the payments continuing as they have in the past. The main reason for this rider is for tax reasons.

The last phrase you should look for is "joint and survivor." This mean the policy is shared between the holder and beneficiaries. Should the holder of the policy die, the payments will continue to the beneficiaries as listed.