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The Single Mothers Scholarship from Washington Accord

We're providing up to twelve (12) single mothers a $1,000.00 scholarship each for the 2017 school year. 

contract1Details of Our Scholarship

Single mothers face challenges that many people are completely unaware of. Raising children on their own while also working full-time to support their family. Raising a family is difficult enough for two...and one, it can be overwhelming at times.

One of the options that isn't always an option is going back to school to finish their degree so they can get a better paying job. It can be the different in working 2-3 jobs or just working one. That can literally save a mother's sanity.


writingWriting Your Essay

We know that writing isn't something everyone enjoys doing, but it is the one thing, besides a face-to-face interview, that can let us see into your personality, education background, and your passion.

Here is your assignment: write an essay no fewer than 700 words about a financial topic of your choice.


booksScholarship Qualifications

By applying for this scholarship, you agree to provide co-authorship rights to your response to our prompt and you agree to allow us to post your biographical information. The winning response will be published  as a resource for other students to utilize. We may use your response to create a derivative work, such as an article or video. Your bio will be posted to provide transparency.


  • We require proof that you are enrolled in at least six (6) units at a two year college, trade school, four year college, or graduate school;
  • We require government identification to verify that you are at least 18 years of age. This is required to make sure you have the legal ability to share publishing rights. We are not partial to an age group; and
  • You must provide an official transcript establishing a minimum 2.3 college G.P.A. If you have not completed college classes, you must provide a transcript establishing a minimum 2.5 high school G.P.A.


  • Friends and family of Washington Accord, personnel, and vendors are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Submissions deemed plagiarized will not be considered.


  • The scholarship award will be remitted on your behalf directly to your school for tuition and fees.

No purchase necessary.

  • Drop files here or

The Application Deadline is December 31, 2016.

The winner will be selected by February 15, 2017.

Your Privacy

The information you submit will not be sold or rented to any company. We may use it to determine your eligibility for, and contact you regarding, this scholarship. The only exception, as noted below, is that we plan on publishing the winning response and the name of the scholarship recipient. Information from applicants who are not awarded this scholarship will be purged as quickly as possible after a winner has been chosen.


A Winning Response

We will publish the winning response with the hope that it provides perspective and guidance for single mothers who seeking advice on building a financially successful future.

The winning response should 1) be easy to read and understand, and 2) include practical, actionable advice or tips.

Best wishes,

The Washington Accord Staff