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Reviews and Ratings of  self-proclaims to be the “leader” when it comes to structured settlements. However, no substantiative evidence could be found to support such a claim. They also claim that they offer a hassle-free process, and have the most affordable rates in the market. A claim which also cannot be substantiated and they do not publish their rates on their website that we could find during our research at the time of this publication.

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement to's headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida. However, unlike other structured settlement companies, they are not listed with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, the company's website also claims that they have been in the business for more than two decades now, and have bought future payments totaling over $1 billion. However, if you'll pay close attention to their website, it's also written below, on the same page, that they have ten years of experience when it comes to buying structured settlements.

Which is it? Ten years or Twenty years? There is also no evidence back the $1 billion in transactions they claim.

How It Works

Just like any other settlement solutions, buys the future payments related to annuities, structured settlements, and pensions.

Types of Payment They Offer

  • Annuities: It doesn't matter if your annuity pay is monthly or on a future lump sum basis, the company promises their clients that they'll be able to get it right away.
  • Structured Settlements: If you have suffered a personal injury, worker's compensation claim, auto accident, or any legal settlement, you'll have the privilege of turning these monthly payments into one lump sum cashout. We highly recommend reviewing this article to read more about structured settlements and the best companies to sell your payments for.
  • Pensions: can also turn your monthly pensions into one lump sum cash payment. This is perfect for those who find their monthly pensions not enough for their daily expenses.

Also, the company informs their users that it's possible to sell some or all of their payments. However, it's recommended that they only sell the amount they need to protect future payments.

There is this site which is claiming has ties to QLS Funding, which is based in Delray Beach, Florida and one wonders if is the company involved or a face for QLS Funding.

Why You Should Avoid Structured Settlements of Annuity.Org claims that the process would almost be instantaneous. The truth is, the speed of the process would highly depend on court approval-- that it's almost impossible to expedite it because the average time is usually 90 days, but there are some states that can make the process much quicker, but within 45 days. Thus, you have to be cautious with companies that promise to process your request in a 'timely' manner.


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