Reviews and Ratings of DRB Capital

DRB Capital is a buyer of structured settlement annuity. Even though they have only been in business since 2013, the main principles of the company have more than 25 years of substantial experience in annuity and structured settlement funding industry.

How Does Selling Your Structured Settlement or Annuity Work with DRB Capital?

If you have monthly checks coming in and would rather have a one-lump cash payment, DRB Capital is a company that can assist you with the transaction and also helps you with the court filing as the sale must be approved by a judge. Unlike other companies that will pass you off from person to person, DRB Capital gives you ONE person to work with during the process from start to finish. There is no need to have to retell your story and situation each and every time you call. There are very few things which are more annoying and frustrating as that.

This also includes a legal representative in court when your case comes before a judge to approve. Instead of you being there on your own, DRB Capital assigns an attorney to be with you in person, or if you don't live in a major city, the attorney will be on the phone to conduct the transaction. This process is entirely normal and acceptable to the courts. In fact, they prefer to have an experienced and very smart attorney represent you on the phone instead of one that is present in the courtroom but has no idea what is going on and not only wastes the court's time but represents you poorly.

Cost/Price Plans of Working with DRB Capital

The fees are all disclosed before you agree and sign. Fees vary based on the type of annuity or structured settlement that you have.  The charges that are made are very small and cover administration costs. The real "cost" of the transaction is the present day value of the annuity is less than the current balance. Once that is understood, the price and offer make sense and can be evaluated properly.

Refund Policy from DRB Capital

Just as other financial corporations, DRB Capital does not have any details publish in documentation or on their website disclosing a Refund Policy. Because this is a service and a judge will look at the transaction and approve or disapprove of the transaction, there is no need for a refund policy. When contacted, the representative stated while there is no Refund Policy, the staff at DRB Capital will go above and beyond what other companies offer to ensure their customers are completely treated professionally every step of the way. If there is a problem, DRB Capital will do all they can to resolve it.

DRB Capital Customer Service Contact Information

Customers who would like to directly contact the DRB Capital Customer Service team with questions, follow-up on their transaction, concerns, or complaints on how their account is being handled can do so by phone.

DRB Capital Reputation

There are many reviews online regarding DRB Capital from actual customers. It should be noted that the BBB rates DRB Capital with an A- rating which is exceptional. For example, Devonte M. wrote: "Working with DRB Capital at the moment and already have a quick court date for my settlement! They gave me a $100 gift card and already sent me a $500 cash advance and everything was on time! Very good so far!"

Like any company, there are going to be complaints, but it is how the company resolves the claims that are important. There are some people who cannot be satisfied no matter what is attempted. If DRB Capital had serious issues, they would not have an A- BBB rating.

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