Reviews and Ratings of Fairfield Funding

In a simple definition, structured payments are in most cases a consequence of lawsuits relating to personal injuries where a court through the judge directs for the plaintiff (injured party) to receive intermittent payments in specific provisions which would either be in lump sum form or monthly and yearly payments. These payments (more repeatedly on a monthly basis) are provided in a provision referred to as an annuity. Nonetheless, driven by perception, some recipients prefer payments in lump sums as opposed to continued long-term “hand-outs.”

To facilitate proper flow of this form of compensation, it necessitated the establishment of a secondary market purposely created for the sale of structured settlement benefits. With these markets, victims were accorded the option of selling either in portions or the entire lot to a buyer firm who in turn would pay a lump sum amount to the victim.

Nonetheless, with technological advancement and continued awareness of the potential gain from the industry, there has been a crop of firms that are now flooding the market with fake promises of compensation and which are duping innocent victims of their money. As such, there is need to review the firms providing these type of services for determining the genuine ones from the large pool.

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement to Fairfield Funding?

This is a firm that directly acquires structured settlements and also annuity payments in exchange for cash. Founded back in 2008, it was established by professionals in the industry of structured settlement purchasers. Their underlying mission was to create a firm with the capacity to compete with other established firms in the industry to provide a reliable buying power with specialized customer care and follow-up.


Fairfield uses cash to pay for structure settlements or annuities payable in either lump sum, monthly or even yearly payments. The firm works effectively to cater for it client-base needs and requirements in a transparent and fair style.

As far as certifications go, this firm holds an A+ rating as issued by Better Business Bureau(BBB). Moreover, they are also certified by a similar organization known as the Consumer Affairs.

The market has many settlement buyers and choosing the correct one is vital for you and your financial future.