Pre-Settlement Funding: What You Didn't Know

Personal injury lawsuits are known to be long, stressful and expensive. Why do you have to struggle when paying your bills during litigation yet pre-settlement funding can be given to you in an instant for your future settlement award? Pre-settlement funding will always be there when you need a helping financial hand during litigation.

Pre-Settlement is the duration of time on which a claim has been presented by plaintiff and coming before to the execution of the settlement verdict, agreement or judgment. The period during where a claim is unresolved and pending. A Pre-settlement advance is a cash loan against future claims settlement.

Types Of Cases That Are Eligible To Get Pre-Settlement Funding

The common types of cases for people who can get pre-settlement funds include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Premises Liability
  • Wrongful Death
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • General Liability

Pre-Settlement Funding Will Help You Acquire The Cash You Need

Pre-settlement funding helps you with instant money for payment of your bills. If you have been injured and can’t work, paying these bills will become a very hard task during the period of your lawsuit. With this cash you acquire from pre-settlement funding, you will be able to meet your financial obligations without struggle and pain.

Pre-Settlement Cash Loans Are Non-Recourse By Nature

Pre-settlement cash advances are usually non-recourse by nature. When a person files a lawsuit, the financing company of the lawsuit, will investigate the kind of lawsuit, study its chances of success and strength, and will provide an advance to the applicant after promising to pay some part of the share of the verdict or in money wise. It basically why we say it is non-recourse in nature.

This means that the plaintiff is only required to repay the loan if they win their lawsuit. Yes, the plaintiff needs to "win" to pay back the lawsuit loan, if they lose their case they are not required to pay back the original loan. So, this key feature allows plaintiffs to know that in case they lose their case they won't be in even more debt afterward with a pre-settlement loan.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advances Assist with Personal Injury Case

Funding is crucial when court proceedings and the case gets dragged on for even months. An injured person in such a scenario for sure won’t have a lot or enough cash to survive due to his or her loss or disability of earning the payment from work. There are several occasions where finance fees cost higher than what one may receive from a structured settlement. The main reason why personal injury funding is expensive is due to long and drawn out cases. The longer the case, the higher are the financing fees.

The Reason You Need Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

When you decide to end the legal process early, the defendants know that they have an opportunity to offer you a lower settlement than you deserve. They are aware that if you allowed the trial to come to its fruition, you would, most likely, receive a lot more money than you are willing to accept today. That is why you need pre-settlement lawsuit funding. You are entitled to get a fair settlement for the injuries you suffered at the hands of a third party.

You can qualify for a pre-settlement advance from Money for Lawsuits even if you are not working and have a low credit score. Once approved, you will only owe us after your trial is over. If the trial does not end in your favor and you do not receive a monetary award, you do not have to repay your pre-settlement lawsuit loan.


The most enjoyable thing about pre-settlement funding is that if you lose proceedings, you are free from repayment apprehensions according to the rules of settlement insurance. This client favoring opening is a beam of hope in the prevailing darkness of financial crisis. The fair process of getting the loan for lawsuit continuation bestows you with a chance of maturing your damages. Overnight delivery is a striking feature of settlement funding that is transferred through a wire, and there are some cases in which you are given preference over other candidates. Finance specialists offer their competent aptitude for the completion of your funding requirements.