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Reviews and Ratings of Stone Street Capital

Those who are in search of a way on how they could easily convert their lottery winnings, settlement, or annuity into lump sum have probably come across Stone Street Capital, as it's one of the traditional companies that offer structured settlement nowadays.

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement to Stone Street Capital?

Although the company has an A+ BBB ranking, there are still a lot of complaints regarding this structured settlement company. One of which is that they have the habit of making repeated phone calls to consumers, according to the complaints on the BBB's site.

Is It a Good Idea to Get a Lump Sum?

The best way to explain this answer is in the context of winning a lottery. Let's say you won $10 million. Would you rather get the whole amount, or it would be better if you'd get it every year, or every month?
If you think about it, there are a lot of stories where those who chose to get a lump sum, usually end up spending all their winnings and even reached the point of getting bankrupt or in financial debt. Considering that, a lot of financial experts would tell you that a structured settlement isn't the solution at all. Although it may sound very promising at first, if you'll think about it, it's not practical, or even worth it at all.

Also, before you are able to get your payment, you'd have to set a court date for a judge to review your terms of lump-sum payment.

Final Words
Stone Street Capital makes it seem that structured settlements are ideal because it can help you get a home, car, or even send your kids to college without any problems at all.

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