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Reviews and Ratings of Woodbridge Structured Funding

Boca Raton, Florida-based Woodbrige Stuctured Funding LLC hails itself as “a trusted structured settlement company since 1993 … [offering] cash for structured settlements & annuities,” encouraging website visitors to “sell your annuity now” and “get cash fast.”

The website’s homepage is complete with a “guaranteed $500” sticker and a “Get Started” button which takes you to a fillable form for a free quote. Calling Woodbridge to receive an over-the-phone quote from one of their representatives promises a bonus in the form of a FREE $500 gas card, but be advised, the small print reveals that this offer is for completed transactions only. The company goes so far as to guarantee “that no legitimate company will make you a better offer than Woodbridge” and if you do receive a better offer, Woodbridge will give you $500 in cash. Quite a tempting offer to those who may find themselves in temporary financial difficulty and that is what companies that buy structured settlements are counting on.

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement to Woodbridge Structured Funding?

Over the past twenty years, Woodbridge has purchased more than $2 billion in structured settlements, and they claim that “no one works harder to meet the needs of their clients.” A closer look at their targeted future clientele reveals individuals who have suffered some injury or loss (most commonly: personal injury, wrongful death, liability, malpractice and worker’s compensation) and have been awarded compensatory damages by a court of justice. Individuals who hold structured settlements are essentially, victims.

Structured settlements pay out in a structured payment form – usually over some years or even decades. When awarding compensatory and punitive damages in a civil lawsuit, judges have the option to award a “lump-sum” payout which provides the plaintiff with a large amount of immediate, in-hand cash. Or, they can opt for the structured settlement which provides the plaintiff with a steady income, acting very similarly to the monthly salary that one receives from their job. Judges in civil cases have intimate knowledge of the plaintiff’s current employment, family and financial situation and consider each of these factors when deciding whether a settlement in the form of a long-term steady stream of income is more beneficial or whether a large 1-time payout would be more appropriate.

Details of what percentage of a total remaining settlement that Woodbridge is prepared to offer are not advertised on their website, but it most certainly is only a mere percentage of what an individual would receive in the long-term from their currently structured settlement plan. As with all “buy-out” propositions – seller beware. What is promised as a quick fix to financial woe often spells doom in the long term.

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